1) Who should I contact if I have questions?

Email info@peninsulasoftball.com with general questions, or visit the Contact Us page to email an individual board member.

2) What are the key dates?

Player Assessment Day (8U-14U)01/11/2020
Team Announcement Day01/24/2020
Opening Day02/08/2020
Closing CeremonyTBD

Practices start in late January. Games start in early February, and finish at the end of April. The All Star season starts in May.

3) What division will my Daughter be in?

Players are assigned to a Division based on their birth year. For Spring 2020, the age groups are:

DivisionBirth Year
6U2013 & 2014
8U2011 & 2012
10U2009 & 2010
12U2007 & 2008
14U2005 & 2006

Girls may evaluate to “play up” in a division above her age-appropriate division. The approval to play in a higher division will be made by the Board of Directors based upon evaluation scores. Girls may “play down” in the lower age-appropriate division, but must be approved by the Player Agent playeragent@peninsulasoftball.com.

4) How much does it cost?

FeeDates6U8U – 14U
Early BirdUntil 11/15/2019$50$175
Regular RegistrationUntil 12/15/2019$75$200
Late RegistrationAfter 12/15/2019$100$225

Included in your fees are jersey, umpires, field preparation, free skills clinics, subsidized professional pitching lessons, awards, opening day festivities, free team & individual pictures, and more.

For information about need-based scholarships, please contact the Player Agent playeragent@peninsulasoftball.com.

5) What do I need to provide?

The league supplies basic equipment including bats, balls and catcher’s gear. However, you may choose to purchase these on your own. Included in the registration fee are: jersey (6U, is t-shirt), practice t-shirt, ASA registration, insurance, umpire fees, field equipment, skills clinics, and the standard picture package, which includes a team picture with individual player pictures.

You will need to provide:

  • Softball cleats (for 6U, soccer cleats are fine)
  • Softball glove
  • Softball pants, black in color
  • NOCSAE approved helmet with facemask [example]
  • Pitching/infielder’s mask (recommended for everyone; required for pitchers in all divisions [example]
  • Knee Guards (sliders recommended for 8U+) [example]
  • Sliding Shorts (optional for 8U+)

Uniforms are to be worn at all games with shirts tucked in.

Most girls also have their own bat. The bat MUST be a softball bat with an “ASA” mark of approval.

If you have questions on the type of equipment your child needs please contact us at info@peninsulasoftball.com

4) Where and when are practices and games?

The practices and games are generally held at Robb Field, some older divisions may have travel games. Typically, the 6U Division has the option to practice one night per week as determined by the Manager and has one game on Saturday. The 8U, 10U, 12U and 14U teams generally practice and have games during weekdays and Saturdays. Once teams are solidified, the team Manager will provide you with their designated field location and practice time(s).

6) What if I want a refund?

All refund requests must be submitted in writing to the Player Agent – Email playeragent@peninsulasoftball.com. Refund depends on when the written request is received.

Refund requests due to documented injury will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

7) Are there any special training and/or clinics?

Peninsula Softball works with area organizations and professional coaches to provide clinics and other training opportunities. As these are planned, they will be announced to league families.

Typically there are several free clinics at the start of the season.

For 8U, 10U, 12U, and 14U, we expect to once again provide skills clinics, including pitching and catching group lessons.

8) How can I help out?

There are many ways! Each team needs volunteers and your support is key to ensuring a successful league for the team. Your fees do not pay any salaries we are all volunteers! Email info@peninsulasoftball.com. Here are positions you may consider:

  • Manager: Overall responsibility for your team, and typically also the “head coach”. The team manager is responsible for organizing and running the team. The manager selects (drafts) the team in Divisions 8U, 10U, 12U, and 14U and is responsible for all communications with the team’s players and parents (but can be delegated to team parent). We know great managers and coaches are on the bleacher side of the fence and we need you to bring your talents onto the dirt side fence!
  • Coach: Primary role is to teach the girls and assist the Manager. The coach is responsible for the training and skill building of the team’s players.
  • Team Parent: Administrative right arm of the Manager ensuring that non-operational tasks required are supported and that the league communication loop is open to all parents.
  • Snack Shack: Assist the Snack Shack coordinator with running the popular “Breaker Café” Robb Field.
  • Scorekeeper: Maintain the game records for the team (training available).
  • Field Prep: Help drag and chalk the fields before games, as well as general upkeep of our fields.

9) Do I *Have* to help out?

Every TEAM is required to staff the Snack Shack on a Saturday and weekday during the season. Your team’s Team Parent will ask every parent/guardian of players to sign up and work in the Snack Shack. It is a great place to meet members of your community and our Peninsula Softball family, while helping the league. Volunteers will receive training/instruction from a member of the Snack Shack Committee (which you can also volunteer for!). Email snackshack@peninsulasoftball.com.

There may be an additional short Snack Shack shift during the Cool Breeze Classic and Cooler Breeze Tournament.

10) Can I sponsor my Daughter’s team?

Of course! The league relies quite heavily on the community for sponsorship, and we love our sponsors. The money donated by sponsors helps pay for the free skills clinics, the subsidized pitching lessons, and all the “extras” that make Peninsula Softball special. In return, we do all we can to support our sponsors, well beyond the name on the banner and on the back of the jersey. See the Sponsors Page for more information.

11) How are the teams formed?

Division 6U the Player Agent will attempt to place girls on teams partially based upon the school they attend or the areas in which they live. Mutual “play with” requests for the 6U division are at the discretion of the League. In 8U, we strive for a balance between playing with friends and parity among teams.Girls in Division 8U, 10U, 12U & 14U are selected via draft, based upon the scores they received during the assessment / evaluation (see below). In 10U and up, we do not accept special request to be on a specific team or with a specific player. Placement from the waiting list is on a first-come first-served basis.

Assessment / Evaluations: As the emphasis in our League is to have teams that are evenly matched, all girls Division 8U and up are required to attend the assessment / evaluation day. Each girl will be evaluated on speed, hitting, bunting, throwing, fielding. Girls may also choose to evaluate as a pitcher and/or catcher. Girls attempting to play in a higher division must be evaluated for BOTH the higher division and the age-appropriate division

12) Does the league give awards?

Champion and Finalist awards are given for the end-of-season tournament in Divisions 8U, 10U, 12U, and 14U. Participation trophies are not included, but can be organized through team parents. 6Udoes have an end-of-season participation award.

For 2017, the League has established the Breaker Award to recognize the special qualities exhibited by Peninsula players that show the principals of good sportsmanship, leadership, and teamwork.

This award is intended to honor one girl from each team in Divisions 8U, 10U, 12U, and 14U who best exhibits these qualities that the league values.

  • The Breaker Award recipient should be the “glue” of the team – someone who helps maintain morale no matter the circumstance. This player has as many teambuilding skills as athletic skills she knows how to motivate, inspire and encourage teammates to work together, push harder and achieve the utmost success. This player shows respect and graciousness to opposing teams, umpires, coaches and parents, while maintaining a positive attitude during all events. This is the Peninsula Softball athlete who exemplifies sportsmanship, leadership and teamwork.

13) Can my Daughter apply for All Stars?

All Star teams are selected for Divisions 8U, 10U, 12U and 14U. In most divisions there may be more than one All Star team. All players are encouraged and eligible to apply to an interest list by April 1st. All Star managers are selected by the Board of Directors. All Star teams are announced in early May. For more information contact: info@peninsulasoftball.com

14) What are the game rules?

Amateur Softball Association (ASA) rules are used, with individual PYSA variances allowed. Each division has its own set of rules. The rules are reviewed and revised by the Board of Directors on an annual basis and are provided to the managers before the season begins. The rules are always available on the PYSA Docs & Forms page.

15) Is there a code of conduct?

We believe that the conduct and attitude of its members are a measure of the quality of an organization. We have adopted the following Code of Conduct for our players and parents:


  • Be courteous and respectful to teammates, opponents, coaches, and umpires.
  • Attend practices and games on time, be dressed appropriately and ready to play.
  • Use equipment properly and safely.
  • Be cooperative and follow directions.
  • Take victory modestly and defeat graciously.


  • Give positive reinforcement to all players and volunteers.
  • Treat umpires with respect, never arguing or criticizing their calls.
  • Monitor safety of siblings attending the games.
  • Discuss problems directly with the team manager, outside of the presence of the players and other parents.
  • Behave appropriately and never use bad language, smoke, or drink alcoholic beverages while on the premises.