Fall Ball

As a league we have developed tremendously the past few years. We went from having virtually no fall ball presence to having nearly as many girls play in the fall as the spring. Fall ball is a great opportunity for players to work on their skills and with protected players, the girls have an opportunity to play with friends that they might not be able to during spring ball.

2018 Fall Ball Interest List

8U: Birth years 2010 – 2011
10U: Birth years 2008 – 2009
12U: Birth years 2006 – 2007
14U: Birth years 2004 – 2005

Cost: $125 (Includes Jersey, socks and umpire fees)

Calling all Managers and Coaches! If you’re interested in managing a team or coaching, please check the appropriate box on the Interest List when you sign your daughter up.

Key Dates:
Aug 1: Fall interest list closes
Aug 14: Unprotected players are drafted
Sep 9: First games start

Interest List / Registration:
Registration closes August 1 so that we can make sure we have an adequate number of managers and coaches to appropriately form teams. Girls are not guaranteed a spot on a team as we first have to verify we have enough managers & pitchers to form teams.

Fall Ball Leagues:

Clairemont Fall Ball League

PYSA has taken teams to the structured Clairemont fall ball league for years. We will continue to have this as an option. Girls looking to gain experience and advance their skills will have tons of fun playing on one of these fall ball teams.

Managers are able to construct their team saving 7 players (6 plus their player) during the fall season (opposed to just 1 during spring). One game is played each Sunday at Clairemont or Robb Field.

This is a competitive league and a great option for our girls. If you are unsure where your player should spend her fall time, Clairemont is likely the place for her.

Girls Fast Pitch League (GFL)

Experienced girls with advanced skill levels may be asked to join a team that opts for GFL as opposed to Clairemont. This league is constructed of teams from San Diego County that put their own squad together and play outside other fall ball leagues at a more competitive level. Most teams will play double headers every weekend and travel to opponent fields at various locations throughout the county.

Managers construct these teams on their own and coordinate all activity on their own. PYSA does not regulate who manages the team, how many girls are on the team or any details of their play. Managers can request assistance with field coordination for practice and games and can coordinate uniforms so that it makes it easier to find substitutions on game day.

If you have interest in playing on a team that opts for GFL you would either need to be the Manager who constructs their own team that opts for GFL or you would need to coordinate with another manager who is doing so. PYSA does not coordinate placing girls on these teams.