The Peninsula Youth Softball Association (PYSA) is seeking donations to help pay for capital projects to improve Robb Field facilities. The projects will increase player and team capacity, enhance player development, and ease duties of volunteer managers and coaches. Scope of work includes obtaining Right of Entry approval from the City and an electrical permit from the San Diego City Planning Department. All work must be performed by a licensed general contractor meeting City requirements at prevailing wages. Further details are provided below.

Capital Projects Details:

Batting Cage Electrical Power & Lighting Provide electrical power to batting cages to operate pitching machines and cage lighting. Supply and install lighting on top of cages to illuminate adjacent practice pitching mounds and an adjacent area outside the cages to run bow net batting stations. The project brings power from an SDG&E source located across the South road from Field 5. It includes installation of a main panel and new meter at the power source and running 420 ft of 4 x 4 gauge copper wire to the batting cages 20” below the surface. A substation will be installed at the batting cages. Asphalt at the road will be broken up and repaired in order to traverse the road. The scope includes field restoration after the work is complete.

Field Maintenance Sprinkler System Supply and install a network of commercial grade pop-up sprinklers designed to automate infield wetting for field maintenance. Sprinklers will replace the existing system of rolling out a hose cart from the shed, hooking up the hose to two different water sources and manually spraying the field. The scope of work at each field includes tapping into main water line, installation of an on/off valve for coach access, supply of all piping, valves, fittings, and sprinkler heads, trenching the water lines, and field restoration.


  • Allow more focus on player development.
  • Reduce cage mobilization time and labor for coaches.
  • Increase batting cage time and batting and pitching instruction per player.
  • Increase player and team capacity by enabling extended practice hours during dark weeks in February and March.
  • Reduce batting cage noise and generator exhaust fumes.
  • Eliminate generator property theft.
  • Reduce field maintenance time by 30 to 40 minutes per field and minimize the labor effort.
  • Improve field conditions during PYSA practices, games and tournaments.
  • Improve field conditions for other leagues and community members who share Robb field with PYSA.