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2017 All-Stars Tournaments Schedule

Dates Tournament Location Age Divisions
May 12-14 Tournament Del Sol Hickman Athletic Fields 10U, 12U
May 18-21 North Shore "Coastal Classic" All-Star Tournament Carmel Valley 8U, 10U (Gold Only), 12U
May 25-29 Clairemont All-Star Tournament Clairemont 8U, 10U, 12U
June 1-4 Peninsula Cool Breeze Robb Field 8U, 10U, 12U
June 9-11 Coronado Bash at the Bay Tidelands Park, Coronado 8U, 10U, 12U
June 16-18 Districts TBD TBD
June 30 – July 2 States (Only if you advance) TBD TBD

All-Stars FAQ

At PYSA, we are committed to developing our players for the most competitive environments. Our All-Star Program is meant for the most dedicated players from 8U, 10U and 12U divisions. All-Star teams compete throughout May, June and July culminating in the District Regional Tournament.

How can my daughter sign up for All-Stars?

Families can make their daughter eligible for All-Stars in April by filling out and signing the All-Star Commitment form. This opportunity will is available to any player who has participated in one of our recreational regular season teams. The Commitment Letter puts your daughter in consideration, however signing up isn’t a guarantee your player will make the team.

What kind of time commitment is involved in All-Stars?

Teams practice significantly more than regular season teams. Expect daily practices in the two weeks leading up to the first tournament. Then, once tournaments start, games could begin as early as Thursday evenings and extend to Sunday, if the team is winning. This does mean that sometimes, softball will conflict with school. While we make every effort for this not to happen, there are times that your student might need to be pulled early from school to make a tournament game. Further, since tournaments happen all over San Diego county, travel should be considered in the time commitment.

How is this different from regular season?

All-Stars is a much more intensive level of play. We will be playing teams from all over San Diego who are sending incredibly talented players. Each game is challenging with excellent pitching and fielding as the norm. So, whereas all girls are guaranteed play time during regular season, the same promise does not exist for All-Stars. Know the managers and coaches will play the best player at each position so some girls might not get the same playing time they expected during regular season.

What are the benefits for my daughter?

First, your daughter will experience a high intensity season with the same group of girls. The camaraderie and team-spirit this breeds in second to none. Second, your daughter’s skills will improve. The amount of time she will spend practicing and playing will quickly yield results in her overall softball abilities. With high-level coaching and a higher caliber of playing, each girl can expect to see major improvements in her abilities.